JAIE TOOHEY - Nitro Circus




What are your previous injuries: 

Both knees reconstructed and both shoulders reconstructed and last year I suffered a serious ACL injury (knee injury). 

What methods of recovery have you used in the past? 

I have used a combination of recovery methods including ice baths, stretching, yoga, cryotherapy and hyperbaric chambers to try and accelerate my recovery. Other methods include sleeping properly and good nutrition.  

How has Rapid helped you recover? 

It’s been a great addition, because I have suffered more serious injuries than most. Rapid has helped me reduce swelling and enhance my recovery process. Rapid has also allowed me to back up my training day after day. 

How many times per week do you use Rapid? 

I use the Rapid Muscle Recovery System 3 - 4 times per week when recovering from injuries. After recovering from my injuries I use Rapid 1 - 2 times per week depending on the exercise load. I was able to see instant results when I started using the Rapid products, it helped me recover much faster. 

What are your favorite aspects of the Rapid products? 

I find that by using Rapid it keeps me at the top of my game and if I have an injury I can reduce swelling much quicker, to enhance the recovery process. Rapid helps me stay at my peak. 

Why would you recommend Rapid? 

For me personally I have had a lot of injuries, and therefore had to take ownership of my own recovery. I recommend Rapid because it helps me perform at my peak. 



Previous Sporting background?

I currently play AFLW for the Collingwood Football Club. I grew up in Queensland where I have played rugby union since I was 6 but transitioned into the 7s format of the game when I was 20. I have been lucky enough to be a part of the Queensland Academy of Sport 7s high performance program until 2018. In 2018 I made the switch to AFL where I was selected in Collingwood FC’s inaugural VFLW team. I was extremely lucky to have been elevated onto Collingwood’s AFLW senior list.

What Recovery Methods have you used in the past?

Throughout my rugby career I often used active recovery methods as well as ice baths post matches. Throughout the AFLW season I was introduced to compression boots. The Rapid Muscle Recovery system allows my body to circulate and metabolise waste products to allow for optimum muscle recovery post training, gym and matches in conjunction with active and hot cold recovery.

Why do you like Rapid products?

Along with the benefits it provides my body, Rapid products are extremely easy to use and easy to transport. The best benefit of Rapid products is that I get to use it in the comfort of my own home.

How often do you use the product?

I use the product after a heavy training or gym session as well as if I have general lower limb soreness or injury.

What’s the best part about Rapid?

The best part about Rapid is I can access the product within my own home. I love the team at Rapid, Steve continually messages to check in and see how I am travelling. His support throughout my first season of AFLW was amazing, and I am excited to continue working alongside this great company.