Why does everyone want to be a part of "Team Rapid"?

Athletes at every level are always looking to achieve the extra gains, an extra edge on their opposition, or that further advantage to train harder. 

We at Rapid Muscle Recovery have redesigned the compression market to allow athletes of all ages, levels and sports, to recover like the elite. 




Rapid has endeavoured to design a highly durableand inexpensive product that will hold up to the rigours of your training. Using high quality materials, and a unique patented design to increase pressure; we have developed a system that can deliver two different compression options to individualise recovery unlike any other design.

We pride ourselves on our customer service. Any questions will be answered directly with one phone call to our Rapid team, no waiting for return emails or messages. We value getting to know each and every customer, as we are aware that not everyone recovers the same after exercise.

All Rapid Muscle Recovery Systems products have been designed in Australia, and come with a one-year warranty.