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Recovery Leg Cuff

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Our Leg Cuff is designed for rapid leg recovery. The recovery boot design uses Pneumatic or sequential pressure, targeting the feet, achilles, calf, hamstring, quadriceps, and adductor muscle groups. Our four stage chambers can target a specific muscle group, or all four groups to enhance recovery, remove muscle waste and reduce oedema. This is a serious leg compression recovery boot unit.

Includes: 1 set of 2x Leg Cuffs, Rapid Air Pump, Compact Portable Carry Case

Key Features

The leg cuff can also be used for DVT, Edema , Lactic build up , Verrucous Veins  and Fluid Retention. The leg cuff can be used by all age and sizes as the foot slot on the cuff is stitched on a 22 degree angle allowing for all sizes to fit. Along with the top of the cuff having a cut out to ensure no bunching of the product to take place if a smaller person was to use the product. Chamber 1 is located on the foot of the cuff and can be isolated if compression is not needed for that targeted area. Going up the leg , chamber 2 and 3 will target the calves and knee , whilst chamber 4 targets the hamstring. 


Mode A (Peristaltic): Utilises the separated compartments. To work each zone independently, then deflating and moving onto the next.

This mode can help with muscle recovery, deep veneous thrombosis, mixed arterial venous disease with edema and improve circulation.

Mode B (Recovery): A sequential compression that works to squeeze on the appendage in a 'milking action'. Each zone will inflate and move onto the next.

This mode can help with Lymphedema, Inflammation Control, Muscle Recovery & Venous Disease with edema.


Adjusting the pressure is easy: increase and decrease pressure by pressing the plus (+) and minus (-) icons respectively on the unit , adjusting for comfort & performance.

Always decrease the pressure if you experience pain. It does not require a lot of pressure for you to get the benefit of the dynamic compression, so if necessary, start at a low setting. You can increase pressure from there as desired.

The Rapid Air Pump Unit is one of the most consistent and best performing air pumps. Plus it is easily portable.


Life is full on, we know that. So that is why the Rapid Air Pump Unit offers three recovery session durations – 10, 20, or 30 minutes – based on your recovery needs and time available.

When active, a light will indicate your current time duration. . For example, if you selected 30 minutes, the light will shift from the 30 minute to the 20 minute setting once you have 20 minutes remaining. The light will then shift to the 10 minute setting once you have 10 minutes or less remaining. So you can easily track the time of your recovery session. More time can be added easily if required also.